Academic Programs

Program Objectives

Curriculum has sufficient technical content to prepare students for industry and graduate studies, and has adequate humanities and social sciences content to help students become well-rounded individuals. It has been designed to train and develop skill of the students enabling them to achieve the following goals

  • Effective Communication in career and educational environments
  • A strong foundation in computing and mathematical theoretical concepts and applying these concepts to problems requiring computer solutions.
  • Proficiency in the use of system design notations and system design engineering process to develop software systems and solving+ problems in computer science
  • Apply their computer science knowledge and skills to develop a career in an information technology oriented business or industry, or for graduate study in computer science or other scientific or technical fields

Curriculum meets the minimum requirements recommended in the HEC computing curriculum recommendations, which have the following area-wise breakdown. Curriculum coverage is well-planned over four years.

Effectiveness of the Program

At all the departments of School of Systems and Technology (SST) are following state of the art curriculums for their respective programs, which have recently been developed in the light of latest Program Roadmap as recommended by HEC of Pakistan. The outlines of all the foundation, core or elective courses in each program has been designed using the latest research, methodologies, practices, skill set and technologies. The outlines of foundation level undergraduate courses have been structured in a way so as to introduce students with the essentials foundations of a particular area. The roadmaps of program offer courses through a closely knit relationship among course where pre-requisites are to be studied and passed first before commencing an advanced level course. For each program, roadmaps also focus on courses which are related to the respective program majors and the offering these courses follow each other.

The program wise foundation and core courses have also been supplemented with respective labs in which students practice and apply the methodologies and skills learnt in the theory component of the respective course. In these lab sessions, student practice their skills on latest toolset and technologies available.

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