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Dropped Sections Spring 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017
ear Students,
Dropped Sections of Spring 2017 are listed below. Please drop these sections at your earliest and register yourself in other sections/ courses.
Big Data Programming V3
Calculus I C3
Calculus I C2,C3
Calculus I C1
Compiler Construction V2
Compiler Construction V3
Data Mining W2
Data Warehousing W1
Design Pattern and Refactoring V3
Discrete Mathematics V1
Discrete Mathematics V2
Discrete Structures V1-1
Discrete Structures V1
Discrete Structures V2
Discrete Structures W2-1
Discrete Structures Y1
English I C4
English I C3
English I C2
Formal Methods in Software Engineering W2
Introduction to Computing  V1
Introduction to Computing  W2
Introduction to Computing  Y1
Islamic Studies I C3
Islamic Studies I C2
Islamic Studies I C1
Linear Algebra V4
Linear Algebra V8
Linear Algebra W4
Mobile Application Development V1
Open Source Software Development V2
Open Source Software Development V3
Operating Systems V2
Probability and Statistics V1
Probability and Statistics V3
Software Construction W5

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