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Who will register?

  1. A coach of the team will register his or her team for ACM ICPC Asia Lahore Regional First Round Online Contest.
  2. Coach has to be a faculty member or any staff member of the university appointed by thefaculty member. A studentcannot be a coach.
  3. The coach MUST register with an institute provided email address. In case the institute doesnot have its own email addresses, the coach MUST then submit a document certifying his/her faculty status in the institute, signed by the Registrar or the Academic Officer on theofficial letter head. The document MUST be sent along with the registration fee, if andwhen the team qualifies for the Final (On-site) Round. Failure to do so will result in thedisqualification of the team.
  4. Coach must accompany their team to the ACM ICPC Lahore Regional Finals. In case the coach cannot make it to the Regional Finals, they must be available on their phone contact info provided during registration.
  5. Coach would be responsible for his/her team, any misbehavior in the event and will also becontacted in case of any emergency.
  6. All communication will be done via our official email Email your queriesand issues to this email with the subject "ACM ICPC Participant Query”

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How to Register?

  1. Go to ICPC Website. If you do not have an account on ICPC Baylor Website then create one.
  2. Check your email account for an automatic generated email notification and follow the linkto confirm your registration.
  3. Write the name and other personal details same as that on your identity documents (National ID Cards/Passport etc).
  4. All members of the team including the coach MUST complete their registration, includingthe questionnaire on the Baylor Portal, to be eligible for ACM ICPC Lahore Regional Final(On-Site) Round. Teams failing to complete their registration of all members by the deadlinedate will be disqualified after one email notification.
  5. Faculty members MUST register themselves as coaches so that they can approve teams fromtheir own institute.
  6. Students MUST register only as participants. Add your team members. You can add a maximum of 3 contestants. A team may register a 4th team member as a substitute just in case one of the team member cannot make it to the Final (On-Site) Round. Only registered substitute team members will be allowed.
  7. Host team would then confirm your participation in the Online Contest by approving your registration if all the fields that are mandatory are filled.
  8. After you have added the contestants you are required to verify the registration. Each contestant would be sent an email at the same time along with their login credentials. They have to complete their registration.
  9. Date of Online contest is 19th November 2016. After which shortlisted teams would be automatically registered by the Host Team for ACM ICPC Asia Lahore Regional Final (On-Site) Round which is to be held on 27th and 28th of November 2016.
  10. Registration and participation in the ACM-ICPC Lahore Regional Online Round on 18th November 2016 is FREEfor all teams. Teams registered completely according to the guidelineswill be allowed to compete in the Online Round and will be contacted via email for theContest Details.

Rules and Conduct

  1. It is MANDATORY for all team members of each qualified team to attend the Day-1 and Day-2 of the Final (On-site) Round. Failure to check-in on time on any of the two days will result in team’s disqualification from the competition. Coach of a team is exempted fromthis rule and it is not must for a coach to be physically present at the contest.
  2. In case of emergency, the coach of the must inform the host team the reason of the team’s unavailability to attend the ACM ICPC Lahore Regional Final (On-Site) Round before the contest.
  3. All members of the team MUST possess their own CNIC on both days. In case any team member does not possess a CNIC they must have with them their Institute’s Photographic Identity Card with them. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the team from the Final (On-site) Round. 
  4. All members of a team MUST check-in at the welcome desk during the check-in time (on both days of the Final Round). The check-in rule applies to both days: Day-1 and Day-2 ofthe Final (On-Site) Round. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the team.
  5. All teams must listen to the instructions delivered at the Opening Ceremony of the ACM ICPC Lahore Regional 2015 Final (On-Site) Round. These instructions will be regarding themethods and final rules and regulations will be announced.
  6. All teams must follow the rules and regulations stated before the start of the Contest and on the first page of the Problems Document of the Online and Final (On-Site) Round.
  7. In the case of the number of teams solving at least 1 question is less than the Lahore Regional Final (On-Site) Round slot, teams from Institutes/Universities having no representation in the Final (On-Site) Round will be picked at random.
  8. The ACM ICPC Lahore Regional Director reserves the right to pick the empty slot teams at random after the Online Round's result has been compiled.
  9. Decisions of Regional Director and Judges of the ACM ICPC Lahore Regional during and afterthe Online and Final (On-Site) Round will be final.
  10. Only teams with home region of Lahore/Pakistan can qualify to World Finals using Lahore Regional’s World Finals slot. Foreign teams can compete in the Regional contest, however World Finals slot for the Lahore Regional will only be awarded to the top home team.          

This document is TENTATIVE and will be revised on regular basis till the Final (On-Site) Round contest date. The ACM ICPC Lahore Regional Director reserves the right to change the rules and conduct of the Lahore Regional Online and Final (On-Site) Round before the contest date. Participants are to check for updates to this document as the Director and host team will not be responsible in case of rules and conduct conditions not being met.

For queries and issues contact us via email with the subject "ACM ICPC Participant Query”

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