About SST


The School of Systems and Technology at UMT aims to generate a continuous stream of new scientific and technical knowledge; and to attract young, talented men and women and transform them in to the leaders of tomorrow's technology organizations. In order to fulfill its mission, the School strives to create a culture that attracts, develops, and retains the best available scientific and technical minds.


Build up the institution to offer outstanding teaching and research atmosphere to the students who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethical morality, realistic approach to problem solving, managerial skills and ability to respond to the current challenges of socio-economic development of the society.

Learning at SST

Research is the key to success in this dynamic world today.. The School of Systems and Technology provides leading programs in computer science with a perfect blend of Education and research. Our graduates are globally recognized as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals. Technology can enhance the learning experience of our students. Our School’s delivers teaching at the “highest professional standard” by identifying, supporting and implementing opportunities to adopt educational technology in our programmes. Our School’s aim is to grow its number of students in the field of I.T. and Research by seeking out opportunities to deliver learning.

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