The Department of Informatics and Systems

The Department of Informatics and Systems (INFS) at UMT is a department under the School of Systems and Technology. It provides an uninterrupted tributary of new scientific and technical knowledge based upon merger of computing, physical systems & engineering technology and to attract young talent transforming them into the great scientists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow's technology. In order to fulfill its mission, the Department strives to create a culture that attracts and develops the best available scientific and technical brains. The Department welcomes the research oriented and enthusiastic young talent to become solid pillars of the nation.

The INFS department has maintained professional relationships with the industries pioneers in telecom and power sector thus providing the students with the required industrial exposure to “stand out among the rest”.

Program Objectives:

A major goal of this program is to produce graduates who can satisfy the industry needs of incorporating enterprise-wide information systems. After completing the program, students are capable to further advance the state-of-the-art technology and to meet the needs of growing IT industry. They understand the business processes and identify the needed IT resources including hardware, software and communication technologies and have the capability to plan, select, integrate, deploy, manage and support the required IT resources.

BSIT program has been deigned to achieve the following objectives:

  • Equip the students with fundamental and advanced concepts of Information Technology and Information Systems and application of these concepts in diversified domains that require IT solutions.
  • Develop the expertise to analyze the systems rigorously and to design the solutions enabling them to plan, select, integrate, deploy, manage and support the required IT resources
  • Apply their equipped knowledge and skills to develop a career in an information technology-oriented business or industry, or for graduate study in computer science or business fields
  • Include emphasis on effective communication, decision-making and leadership skills

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