The Department of Informatics and Systems

There is a continuous advancement in technology. This evolution is to meet the new demands and challenges produced by the always progressing world around. The informatics department aspires to produce professionals that lead the next technology revolution.
The degree programs at the Informatics department proffer an exotic and distinctive opportunity for the students to study the applications of information technology across disciplines. Informatics students drive innovation as they explore the intersection of technology and human values. Their passion for analyzing and solving problems is reflected in the creativity they bring to the design and creation of information systems, user interfaces, mobile technologies and social media. In the Informatics programs, students learn how to: design and build systems that are effective and easy to use, design the information architecture necessary to store and access repositories of information, analyze national and global information policy, and assure the security and integrity of information and communication technology (ICT) based systems.
The tracks include Cyber-security, Social Media, Bioinformatics, Software Development, Ubiquitous computing, Smart environments, and Mobile Computing. This gives students the opportunity to deepen their experience and knowledge in a particular area of Informatics.

Dr. Sajid Mahmood
Department of Informatics & Systems
Email: [email protected]

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