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Welcome to the Department of Software Engineering at SST, UMT.

Software systems have greatly influenced our lives and we cannot imagine a life today without Google, Facebook, Android, WhatsApp, streaming movies, texting, tweeting, e-banking, etc. Developing reliable and usable software systems require sound Software Engineering Skills. Software Engineering (SE) is a vast, dynamic and promising computing discipline which combines the best of science and engineering. Department of Software Engineering at UMT understands the international and national needs of qualified software engineers; hence offering very up to date undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Software Engineering.

The Software Engineering programs at UMT have been designed to produce graduates who are accustomed to a range of software engineering topics essential for designing and maintaining reliable and effective software systems. The programs are designed to give students hands on experience to cover all aspects of software engineering including requirements engineering, problem modeling and analysis, software design and development, software verification and validation, software quality and testing and software management.

Software Engineering programs (BS-SE and MS-SE) are very popular programs of UMT. In these programs, we provide our students with a well-planned sequence of core courses along with electives of their choice on advanced topics to reinforce their knowledge. Course contents are very carefully set and are comparable to courses offered at top ranked international universities.

We have an outstanding faculty, working as a team with the sense of ownership. Besides effective teaching, most of our faculty members are working on exciting projects and recent research problems in different areas of CS and SE including image processing, natural language processing, information retrieval, programming languages, software quality, data warehousing and data mining, etc. Many of our faculty members are enrolled in PhD programs at LUMS, FAST and UMT; and some are very close to completion. However, foreseeing the rapid growth of our department, we are in the process of hiring more faculty members especially the PhD degree holders from renowned universities.

Research and industrial collaborations are critical success components of universities today and are also vantages of our proactive faculty. We regularly schedule seminars and invited talks by researchers and industry experts to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Blessed with futuristic vision, encouraging management, knowledgeable faculty and very cooperative staff; our department at UMT strives to provide a cherished learning experience to its students.



Dr. Malik Tahir Hassan
Department of Software Engineering
Email: [email protected]

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