Department of Software Engineering

Software engineering is the discipline of creating high-quality software systems in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to the design, development, deployment and maintenance of software systems. A software engineering program should develop professionals who have a mastery of principles, theory, practices, and processes necessary to produce quality software systems. The committee formalized the Vision Statement for SE education in Pakistan as follows:

"The SE education in Pakistan will focus on imparting the knowledge and training which should enable students to harmonize theory with practice, concept with application, and problem with solution. It will prepare them to apply ably engineering principles, practices, and processes to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software systems. The program will lead to development of student’s professional and interpersonal skills. It will help students to enhance their ability in oral and written communication, and their adaptability to team environments. The program will inculcate among students a strong sense of civic, professional and ethical responsibility. The program will also strive to develop a capacity for innovation and a passion for lifelong learning."

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