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Build up the institution to offer outstanding teaching and research atmosphere to the students who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, innovation, entrepreneurship, ethical morality, realistic approach to problem solving, managerial skills and ability to respond to the current challenges of socio-economic development of the society.


The School of Systems and Technology (SST) endeavors to emerge as an inclusive school responsive to technological changes, devoted to distinction and committed to educational and research desires of the nation. The School will continue to win a belief of eminent teaching, research and service through emergent undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programs of study in a variety of disciplines in collaboration with distinguished institutions inside the country and overseas. The School aspires for the leadership role in quest of brilliance in Computing, Informatics, Systems and Technology.

Besides established fields of Computer Science and Information Technology, the School envisions exploring and initiating the emerging disciplines. The School is delegated with the responsibility of producing culturally progressive, technologically educated, academically competent and research-oriented graduates who are prepared to lead, motivate and maintain our enormous traditions.

Nurturing Technology Leaders

The School of Systems and Technology (SST) at UMT aims to generate a continuous stream of new scientific and technical knowledge, and to attract young, talented men and women transforming them into the leaders of tomorrow's technology organizations. In order to fulfill its mission, the School strives to create a culture that attracts, develops, and retains the best available scientific and technical minds. The School of Systems and Technology (SST) encourages the faculty members and participants to undertake research and development, and engage in collaborative work with industry. This provides them insight into the real-world problems and they strive to find out integrated solutions for industry.

The SST is continuously improving the quality of its teaching by having a sharp focus on faculty development and infrastructure enhancement.

It improves the faculty members by encouraging them to utilize the School's training facilities for self-development and by undertaking research and consultancy projects. The laboratory facilities offered are excellent and are being rapidly expanded according to the pre-set five-year development plan. Similarly, the School is continuously updating the library collection in the area of computing system and technology to meet the current market requirements.

Currently, SST consists of three departments; namely Computer Science, Software Engineering and Informatics and Systems. The School offers the degree programs at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.

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