Department of Artificial Intelligence

We are living in the age of information and technology where we are using smart machines to perform many daily tasks very intelligently. These developments have expanded the applications of AI in many areas of life, leading to a shift from information systems to intelligent systems. Data or information is an integral part of AI systems, but applications of data science are not limited to AI systems. It is widely used in business analytics, industries and healthcare. The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are interdisciplinary disciplines, hence the School of System and Technology has taken the initiative to establish a Department of AI to meet the needs of today's time. The department offers two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to promote research, training and academic excellence in students. This department cultivates a leading AI workforce that accelerates the development of AI in the country. The artificial intelligence department mainly focuses on research in advanced areas of machine intelligence, control systems, computer vision, and industrial automation. The department is home to highly qualified faculty which provides their expertise to meet the needs of students.

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