Faculty Profile

Dr Raja Noshad Jamil

Assistant Professor, HEC Approved Supervisor

School of Systems and Technology

Department of Artificial Intelligence

 : [email protected]     : 3605     : 03229360915   

Dr. Raja Noshad Jamil is a distinguished mathematician and educator currently serving as a faculty member at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore, Pakistan. With a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Dr. Jamil brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Department of Mathematics at UMT. Dr. Jamil has a remarkable teaching career spanning over twenty years, during which he has instructed numerous courses on Applied Mathematical. His exceptional command over the subject and pedagogical skills have earned him recognition among students and colleagues alike. Driven by his passion for mathematics, he strives to make complex concepts accessible and engaging for his students. Within the field of applied mathematics, Dr. Jamil has developed a strong research focus in various areas, including fuzzy mathematics, soft set theory, numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, and their practical applications.

  • Numerical Optimization, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Simulation, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Modeling, Optimization, Simulation and Modeling, Computer-Assisted Numerical Analysis, Graphic Design
Publication Type Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Analysis of fuzzified boundary value problems for MHD Couette and Poiseuille flow Scientific Reports 4.996 2022
International Publications with impact factor (less than 2.0) / JCR / SJR Total Face Irregularity Strength of Grid and Wheel Graph under K-Labeling of Type (1, 1, 0) Journal of Mathematics 1.400 2021
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Impact of generalized polytropic equation of state on charged anisotropic polytropes The European Physical Journal C 4.400 2020
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD - Mathematics University of Management & Technology Pakistan
MPhil - Geometric Design University of Bradford UK
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