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ACM SIGSOFT Logo Design Contest

Monday, April 03, 2017

Software engineering evolves at a rapid pace, it is omnipresent, it generates hundreds of billions of revenue and employs millions of software engineers across the globe. Both software industry and academic research are represented by the ACM SigSoft, whose objective is to meet this substantial growth by stimulating interaction among practitioners, researchers, and educators; by fostering the professional development of software engineers; and by representing software engineers in professional, legal, and political organizations.
As a large organization, ACM SigSoft has a logo that represents the spectrum of its activities and software professionals from all countries. However, the current logo is outdated. We announce a new logo design contest that will awaken your creative side to send us your innovative logos for ACM SigSoft. We invite YOU, software engineering practitioners, researchers, students, designers and anybody who has love and passion for software to design a brand-new logo for SIGSOFT. The logo should fundamentally communicate the following two aspects:
•It is about engineering software, and
•It should reflect the mission of ACM SIGSOFT to foster interactions/collaborationamong practitioners, researchers, and educators.
The designs can be a wordmark, lettermark, symbol or a combination but should be creative, original, simple and must capture the essence of SIGSOFT. Preliminary designs should be shared in PDF, JPG, or PNG before July 15th 2017. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected] as attachments or links to Dropbox files or other cloud-based storage. You will receive the following benefits if you win the contest:
You stand a chance to become a student volunteer at ACM sponsored prestigiousconferences like (ICSE, FSE, ASE) and ACM SIG CAPS Travel Award?
A $500 award for the winning logo and $200 award for the runner-up.
A free two year SIGSOFT membership and access to journals and conference proceedings.


All submissions must be original and should follow ACM Plagiarism Policies. We will evaluate the logos primarily based on originality and how well it represents the goals of ACM SigSoft.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Adnan Abid or Jawad Cheema in his office for further guidance. 

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