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BS Data Science


It is widely believed that the 21st Century is the century of information. Information is generated from data. Large amounts of data in today’s world is readily available. Simple hand held devices have the ability of store Gigabytes of data. As the size of data is increasing so is the need to process this huge amount of data to form information. Devices and applications are getting smarter such that they are able to interpret information from data on its own. Decisions based on the extracted information are used in several applications in business, health, assistive learning and many other daily requirements. A data scientist is equipped with tools and technique which enables him to extract information from data and provide a decisive outcome. The program essentially puts an emphasis on data science from a computing perspective. It has been designed to equip the students with cutting edge knowledge to foster the evolving need of computer technologies demanding smart and versatile use of data

Career Opportunities

Computer and software industries are now investing billions of dollar in data science in an effort to push the technology into the next step of smartness and computational intelligence. The huge success of smartphones has opened new avenues like smart devices, cities and environments. Extreme efforts are underway to develop such devices and applications. Currently, software industry is in a human resource crunch when it comes to expertise in the field of Data Science.

Admission Criteria

All applications are evaluated on the basis of merit as determined by their previous academic record and performance in admission test.

Selection in the respective program will be subject to availability of limited seats

A prospective applicant must have:

  1. Intermediate with mathematics securing minimum 50% marks.
  2. In case of A Level, American High School Diploma or any other equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalence certificate from IBCC is mandatory.
  3. 50% passing marks in NAT/Admission Test are required for admission.
  4. In case the foreign diploma/transcript is in any language other than English or Urdu, an officially translated copy of the diploma/transcript is mandatory.
  5. An officially translated copy is the one verified by the degree awarding institution, respective foreign ministry or an authorized public notary.

BS DS Road Map

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