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Inter-Departmental Programming Competition

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

First ever Inter-Departmental programming competition held by School of System and Technology at University of Management and technology.
May 9th, 2018 (Wednesday) School of system and technology (SST) at The University of Management and technology (UMT) held it’s very first Inter-Departmental programming competition for Programming Fundamentals Sections. Students from over 16 Sections forming more than 54 teams participated in the competition. An excellent chance was provided to the new emerging stars of the Computer Science to test out their abilities and learn about competitive programming and teamwork. With the introduction to systems like online Submissions and online Judging, the students were able to learn about latest trends in programming contests of international standards.
1st place was secured by “Osama Ahmed Masood”and “Sharoz Tanveer” from team “The Sea of C” ofsection V11 of “Mr. Nabeel Sabir Khan Bloch”.

2ndpositionwas secured by “Muhammad Haris”from team “Infinity” ofsection V1 of Dr. Shoaib Farooq.

3rdplace was secured by “Muhammad Bilal” and “Muhammad Hannan” of team “BMAH” from section V9 of Mr. Rana Waqas.
UMT and SST offers a very warm Congratulations to the winner team and the runner up teams.

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