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UMT Computer Science Department Wins SATHA Innovation Awards 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

The 6th Invention to Innovation Summit held on March 8-9, 2017 included various thematic sessions, invited lecturers and technology workshops organized by various universities. The summit had a display of 500+ innovative projects by academia and industries. It included awards and certificates for technology presenters. Moreover, it included SATHA Innovation Award and Dinner for Academia and Industry. Innovation Summit has become a national mark for development of indigenous technologies and self-reliance of Pakistan.

 The Computer Science Department at UMT earned the following awards at the Summit:

  1. A ‘Technology Award’ shield was won for the project ‘iDeliver’ which is being supervised by Arifah Azhar and Arslan Asif. iDeliver is about revolutionizing the shopping and delivery of FMGs by developing the application for connecting merchants with consumers via associates. The project was selected from amongst 50+ other projects from similar category.
  2. The project S.S.V.R (Shooting Simulation in Virtual Reality) has also won a ‘Technology Award’ at innovation summit. The S.S.V.R team is supervised by Dr. Adnan Shahzada and comprises of Mr. Zaid Ijaz, Mr. Musab Rasheed, Mr. Ihtisham Sohail Butt, and Mr. Hassan Bin Asim Hashmi. The project enables Virtual Training of soldiers and other Armed Combatants with the help of VR technology, thus putting the wearer in a virtual world in which one can train and practice their shooting capabilities and to face different combat scenarios. The wearer would be able to run, shoot, feel the bullets impact and interact in the virtual world.
  3. The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) supervised by Faroof Ali and Dr Malik Tahir Hassan earned a Medal and Certificate. The OMR has been tested by grading different quizzes/exams in UMT and its result came out to be very accurate. The project has been given to ORIC for finding potential buyers. ORIC is currently dealing with 'Association for Academic Quality in Pakistan (AFAQ)'. Currently, AFAQ is doing pilot testing of our project and right now we have marked their 5000 result sheets using OMR.
  4. The project Management Information System (MIS) for Jamiiat Hospital supervised by Emmen Farooq has also earned a medal and certificate. The project was done in collaboration with AFAQ that also runs a charity hospital too. Earlier, the hospital data information management was totally manual. It required a lot of effort when record and data had to be updated. CS Students have developed an information system that caters to information management aspects like patient record, patient history, doctors data, financial records of the hospital etc.

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