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Chairman Message

Since its inception, the field of Computer Science has seen a very rapid growth. Computer Science is now a very vast, dynamic and promising field of study around the world. The department of Computer Science at SST understands the international and national need of quality CS human resource.

By the grace of Allah almighty, the department of Computer Science at SST aims at providing a cherished learning experience to its students under the umbrella of encouraging and visionary management. The hallmark of the department is its highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty. The department offers BS Computer Science, BS Software Engineering, and BS Information Technology at undergraduate level.

The importance of research cannot be neglected in today’s world for state-of-the-art development of technology. Therefore, research and industrial collaborations are critical success components of any university. Keeping this vision in mind, the department offers MS/PhD Computer Science, MS/PhD Software Engineering, and MS/PhD Information Technology at graduate level.

We warmly welcome our students to an idyllic learning environment at the CS department of UMT.

Dr. Yaser Daanial Khan
Chairman Department of Computer Science
Email: [email protected]

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