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Dr Syed Farooq Ali

Associate Professor, Final Year Project Director SE

School of Systems and Technology

Department of Software Engineering

 : [email protected]     : 3850


Syed Farooq Ali has around 9 years of teaching and research experience. His areas of specialization include Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Medical Imaging and Image & Video Coding. He did his BS from NUCES- FAST, Lahore and later earned an MS degree from LUMS with Dean’s Honor List and 4th position out of a batch of around 130 graduate students. During his stay in MS, he was on a LUMS fellowship. He also completed his MS from Ohio State University.  Moreover, he passed the PhD Comprehensive Exam (Qualifier Exam) from Ohio State University, USA. 

Currently, he is Assistant Professor and CS Program Director (Advisor) at UMT. Mr. Farooq has around 7 to 8 publications in international conferences and a book chapter. 


The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, OH, USA

PhD (Qual.)

M.S. Computer Science, December 2011, Depth Area: Medical Imaging (Image Processing)

          Thesis: "Comparative Studies of Contouring Algorithms for Cardiac Image Segmentation."

          I did literature survey, analysis and implementation of different active contouring algorithms using            MRI images. Also implemented few new ideas and got better results in terms of subjective   quality, area similarity metric (ASM) and shape similarity metric (SSM).


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan.

M.S. Computer Science, March 2008, Depth Area: Image Processing & Computer Vision


National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore, Pakistan

B.S. Computer Science, May 2004




University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore, Pakistan.

       Assistant Professor (Feb. 2012 to Present)

-         Besides teaching courses, supervising around 10 final year research projects

-         Chair and Founding Member of Vision and Image Processing (VIP) research group (

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

       Course Instructor (Spring 2012)

-         Course Instructor for "Introduction to Computer Technology"

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Graduate Research Associate/Graduate Teaching Associate (April 2011 to December 2011)

-         Thesis: "Comparative Studies of Contouring Algorithms for Cardiac Image Segmentation."

-         Instructed a course 'cse100 Intro to Computer Technology' for Spring Quarter 2011.

-         Graded a course 'cse100 Intro to Computer Technology' for approximately 80 students' assignments and quizzes for Summer Quarter 2011.

LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

Research Associate (April 2008 to July 2009)

-         Worked as a Team Lead in a research and development of 'Wavelet Based Video Coder and Decoder' with a team size of 6 to 8 members. The project aimed to build a Video Conferencing System on the top of it. Project involved programming background in c/c++ language.

LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

Research Assistant (September 2005 to March 2008)

-         Worked on '3-D Re-construction of buildings using Satellite Imagery'. I implemented this project in Matlab.

LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

Teaching Assistant (June 2006 to June 2008)

-         TA for 2 courses: cs533 Pattern Recognition Course (Spring 2008) and cs311 Theory of Automata (Summer 2006). Responsible for grading approximately 40 students.

NUCES, Lahore, Pakistan

Teaching Assistant (September 2004 to December 2004)

-         TA for 2 courses: Data Structures and Intro to Programming. Responsible for grading approximately 60 students.



[1] I. Anwar, S. Nawaz, G. Kibria, S.F. Ali, M. T. Hassan and J. B. Kim, "Feature Based Face Recognition Using Slopes," in Third Int. Conf. on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS 2014), Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), IEEE, Gwangju, South Kr.  Dec. 2014, 200-205. 

[2] S. F. Ali. "Comparative Studies of Contouring Algorithms for Cardiac Image Segmentation," M.S. thesis, Dept. Computer Sci., Ohio State University, Col., USA, 2011

[3] S.F. Ali, M. Muaz, A. Fatima, F. Idress and N. Nazar, "Human Fall Detection", 16th International Multi Topic Conf. (INMIC) IEEE, Lahore, 2013, pp.101-105.

[4] M. E. Anjum, S.F. Ali, M. T. Hassan, and M. Adnan, "Video Summarization: Sports Highlights Generation", 16th International Multi Topic Conf. (INMIC) IEEE, Lahore, 2013, pp. 142-147.

[5] A. Ali, N. Khan, S. Masud and S. F. Ali. "Survey of Dirac: A Wavelet Based Video Codec for Multiparty Video Conferencing and Broadcasting," in Intelligent Video Event Analysis and Understanding, 1st edition, vol. 332. J. Zhang, L. Shao, L. Zhang and G. A. Jones, Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2011, pp. 211-247.

[6] A. Ali, S.F. Ali, N. Khan and S. Masud. "Performance improvement in motion estimation of Dirac wavelet based video codec," in IEEE Communications and Information Technology, 9thInternational Symposium, Incheon, KR, 2009, pp. 764-769.

[7] M. Usman, S. F. Ali and A. Masood. "Re-syllabification of English words when spoken in Urdu," in Annual Report of Urdu Research Center ('Akbar-e-Urdu' of 'Muqtadra Qaumi Zaban'), Lahore, pk, 2004, pp. 49-53.



-         In Spring 2013, won three ICT R&D funding for final year research based projects in UMT.

-         In Fall 2012, my final year project students of UMT stood first in LUMS CATAR 2012.

-         In September 2006, earned a 'Merit Based LUMS Scholarship' (LUMS fellowship) based on my excellent academic performance. This scholarship was awarded to only top three students of my batch at LUMS. The scholarship includes monthly stipend besides covering all of my tuition fees.

-         In 2007, secured 4th position in a batch of approximately 130 students, won a Shield and completed MS (CS) degree with Dean's Honors List of LUMS.

-         In 2000, earned 'Merit based Scholarship' in 'All Pakistan Scholarship Test' conducted by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) for 4 years BS (Computer Science).

-         In 1998, earned a 'Merit based Scholarship' for F.Sc (Grade 11 and 12) on the basis of Matriculation result of Lahore Board.


Courses related to my Depth Area including Computer Vision, Digital Image Procesing, Image and Video Coding

Interest in teaching 'Algorithms', Programming Courses (Object Oriented Programming, Structured Programming, C++, Java, Matlab), 'Theory of Automata', 'Software Engineering', 'Databases'


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