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ACM presents: Art of Problem Solving: Summer Camp for Kids

Monday, July 05, 2021
Newly formed all-student society for promotion of computing, UMT-ACM, is organizing problem solving summer camp for school going kids, ideally grades 6 to 10 in the SST Robotics Lab. I along with 6 assistant instructors (UMT-ACM volunteers) will conduct this workshop. This is a no-boundary workshop but to name a few, it will include some physics, electronics, arithmetic, wood-working, plumbing and some programming as well. 
It  is in the planning phase and formalities need to be performed, but expecting short summer in schools, and if all things go as planned, I intend to offer this from 5th of July, 4 days a week Mon through Thu, 2PM to 6PM, for five weeks. UMT and especially SST colleagues' kids will be given priority in this camp, will only pay a small token fee of the full fee. All proceeds will go to meet summer camp expenses and then UMT-ACM for similar events in future. Instructors are doing it 100% voluntarily.

If you are interested to get your kids into this camp please mention your registration intent on the following sheet. This will help me and UMT-ACM in summer camp logistics.




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