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UMT wins the ACM ICPC Regionals

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We are imensely glad to share with you that students from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) secured first position  in the semi-final of world’s biggest programming competition, the ACM ICPC—Association for Computing Machinery: International Collegiate Programming Contest—also known as the Olympics of Programming.


Abdur Rahman, Awab Ahmad and Zeeshan Ali who are doing BS in Computer Science from UMT’s School of Systems and Technology knocked down teams of 30 plus universities and 400+ teams including renowned FAST, UMT, UCP, PU, LUMS, PUCIT and COMSATS in the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) held yesterday at UMT. ICPC is the oldest, largest and most prestigious programming competition among universities of the world. Every year, more than 4000 students from all around the world participate in the competition. According to the rules, only one group consisting of three members can take part in the computing program. It is mandatory for the participants to be university students. During each contest, the teams of three are given 5 hours to solve between 8 and 15 programming. The solutions are presented as C, C++, Java or Python of computer programs. 


The winner is the team, which successfully submits solutions of the problems in very short span of time. One of the interesting features of ICPC is that it offers more than eight computer problems to be resolved in just five-hour duration. Although each team is comprised of three members, they cannot use more than one computer at a time.  This makes the time pressure over the participants where only good teamwork can deal with the pressure adeptly. The UMT team effectively managed the time pressure and qualified for the final, which is to be held in the summer of 2017. 

We congratulate the mentor of the winning team Mr Nabeel Sabir Khan for earning this honour for UMT. The winner team will go to the US to participate in world finals.

All the picture are available at the given link below

Here we share few moments of the event.

Students participating in the competition

Students Participating in the competition

Students Participating in the competition

Students Participating in the Competition

Mr. Nabeel Sabir Khan with Mr. Ibrahim Murad

Dr. Adnan Abid briefing about the event to Pro Rector Mr. Abid Sheharwani

Students Participating in the Competition

Dr. Adnan Abid, Mr. Abid Sheharwani and Mr. Nabeel Sabir Khan

Mr. Abid Sheharwani and Mr. Ibrahim Murad at the ICPC

Dr Adnan Abid, Dr. Shoaib Farooq, Dr.Umer Suleman and the other members

Honorable Dean SST 

Mr. Tayyab Mir and Zeeshan Khan is being presented with a sheild by Deam SST

Chairman of Computer Science Department Dr. Adnan Abid


Dean SST and Chairman of Computer Science Department Dr. Adnan Abid

Winning Team

Dean SST presenting a sheild

Dean SST presenting a sheild to Mr. Ammar Yasir

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